The furniture is passionately anchored in the identity of Silva Paris. From this passion, and our many years of experience, our collection of furniture was born. We offer a wide range of armchairs, sofas, chairs and other seats. We pay as much attention to their aesthetics as to their comfort. For this, we combine traditional methods and contemporary techniques in order to create your seats with the greatest care. Whether it’s the armchairs of the most beautiful Parisian hotels or the sofas of sumptuous villas.

Always listening to you, we adapt our collection to your desires. Whether it is, of course, the type of encroachment, the density of the seat, the fabric or its color.

Halfway to tailor-made, we free you from the imposed standard dimensions. It is our furniture that adapts to your spaces, and not the other way around.

In close collaboration with the best craftsmen-cabinetmakers, we realize your desires. Whether it is an ad hoc creation, in close collaboration with the Interior Architect or the Designer, or a restoration. Our craftsmen-cabinetmakers, keen on art history and respectful of traditional methods, are at your service.

All our productions are distilled à la carte or in series. We combine rigor in detail and craftsmanship with the speed and efficiency requirements of our sponsors.